Heartfelt Dreams Foundation Events

Join us for Summer Fun to Run, Walk, Skate, Roll, in Support of Congenital Heart Disease Patients. Make strides with Heartfelt Dreams Foundation

Registration is now open and includes a free t-shirt


August 1- October 31, 2020

Moments that Matter Most

We take time out . . . even during these unprecedented times . . . to make the most of an opportunity to help congenital heart defect patients live longer, be happier, and alleviate the anxiety that may be preventing their care.

With each virtual step, you will make a difference in the life of a child, teen, or adult enduring the life-log condition that needs specialized medical treatment. When the patient was told he has only 3 days to live, Heartfelt Dreams Foundation takes action because of your support. Together we can make this a precious moment for patients, their families, and the doctors and nurses caring for these patients

Join us for some summer fun. Wishing all heart patients sunny days and heartfelt dreams. We thank you for being a part of our Heart Within A Heart Caring Virtual 5K!

Please join our Heartfelt Dreamers as together we strive to achieve our goal for the Virtual 5K to further emphasize the Foundation’s mission to provide financial assistance to congenital heart disease patients and their families, to support our contributions to specialized medical education programs and novel research initiatives, and to help ongoing funding for our cardiac care nursing scholarships.

Participate as an individual, partner with a friend or a pet, or join a team. Please share your exciting Heart With A Heart Caring Virtual 5K photos and videos with Heartfelt Dreams Foundation as an expression of hope and happiness for the patients, doctors, and nurses dealing with the ongoing care and treatment of CHD, a life-long condition.

Heart Within A Heart Caring Virtual 5K prizes to be awarded include fastest run time (verified), most creative Heartfelt Dreamer participant, largest team, and most money raised. We hope that you have fun and enjoy our event!

Your Support = Our Impact 

  • Phone and email support to CHD patients and families.
  • Grants to patients and families to help them pay for travel expenses so they may access a specialty Congenital Heart Defect Center.
  • Endowed Scholarship to Massachusetts General Hospital cardiac nurses to further their knowledge of working with adults living with CHD.
  • Grant to Massachusetts General Hospital to fund ongoing medical education programs for cardiology and CHD. Live webinars to educate cardiac medical professionals about adults living with CHD, presented by specialized cardiologists.
  • Award Annual Academic Nursing Scholarship to support cardiac care nurses.
  • Support for the HOPE registry, first and only prospective American registry for pregnant women with heart disease. Though maternal mortality is decreasing in most of the world, it is increasing in the United States.

Free T-Shirt with registration. During registration, you also have the opportunity to purchase this Heartfelt Dreams Foundation bandana.